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Ryder Commercial Team & COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

20 Mar 2020

 To Ryder Commercial's valued clients & associates,


As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues to escalate, the health and

safety of all staff, clients & associates of Ryder Commercial continues to remain a top priority. As part of our response to COVID-19, Ryder Commercial has implemented plans to ensure that we protect our staff, clients, tenants and members of the public to minimize the spread as much as possible. We have reviewed our business continuity plan and our own risk management plan has been implemented to ensure Ryder Commercial can continue to provide our clients & tenants the quality of service we are known for. Our strategy is precautionary and has been implemented so we are in the best possible position to maintain “business as usual”.


Our office will remain open with minimal staff as we continue to monitor the situation and Government recommendations and respond accordingly through these uncertain time.


All Ryder Commercial staff have been equipped with the means to work from home. Staff remain contactable through email & phone and will continue responding to your ongoing needs.


Our office:


·         We are restricting all non-essential interactions in our office & at external premises, and are encouraging the use of video conferencing and collaboration platforms as much as possible.

·         We have engaged with our contractors to ensure that they are also are well prepared to manage any local COVID-19 cases and act accordingly.

Our Tenants:

As tenants in our managed buildings, we ask you to support efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19, to mutually protect co-workers and the wider community. We expect that you will also have plans in place to manage COVID-19 in your work place.

·         If you become aware of any COVID-19 cases within your tenancy, please notify Ryder Commercial immediately. This allows us to respond accordingly for each specific premises, allows us to notify other tenancies that may occupy your building and ensure we do not put any of our contractors at risk.


Please be assured Ryder Commercial is committed to working together with you while responding to challenges of COVID-19.


Thank you for your understanding.


Sincerely Ryder Commercial Pty Ltd

Ryder Commercial on the Move........

25 Aug 2017

 After many years in our home on Level 10 at 350 Queen Street, we are proud to announce th opening of our wonderful new Offices on Level 8.



Come and join us for a coffee or catch up with our Team when you are next in the area, we would love to see you........


Retail Investment Boom

18 Apr 2016

Appetite for retail investment stock - particularly in the sub $3.0M price range - is booming.

Recent activity shows that strip shop investments are thriving as an asset class and investors are accepting that sub 5% yields are de rigeur.

For all your Commercial Property requirements, contact the team at Ryder Commercial on 03 9600 1188.

Melbourne's Population Growth Estimate Fuels Development Appetite

17 Apr 2015

Melbourne's forecast population growth continues to drive development site demand with the current pipeline of planning approvals and stock expected to be able to cater for Melbourne's expansion for another 10 years according to The Age.

Despite this large apartment pipeline, there is no weakening of demand for wholesale residential development sites.

For all your Commercial Property requirements, contact the team at Ryder Commercial on 03 9600 1188.


Calm Before the Storm

09 Apr 2015

Melbourne's commercial property sector endured the slowest start in 4 years as far as transactions are concerned.

This was based more on lack of supply rather than demand and, as the year unfolds, it is expected that supply will open up and the market will continue its recent heavy transactional success rates.

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Suburban Office Vacancy Rates - Down Then Up!

18 Mar 2015

Just as good news in the suburban leasing market was filtering through, a sobering check was delivered.

Vacancy rates amongst A-grade and B-grade office buildings have steadily fallen to 7.5% and 4.7% respectively.

New supply is around the corner however which will more than likely lift vacancy rates again.

Delving deeper, however, the realisation that the new supply is largely on the back of speculative development underpins a confidence in increased tenant inquiry in all markets.

For all your Commercial Property requirements, contact the team at Ryder Commercial on 03 9600 1188.

Japanese Investment Tipped to Rise In Australia

12 Mar 2015

The early 1990's saw a property crash that drove Japanese investment, in particular, away from Australian stock.

Extraordinarily low yields in the local Japanese markets (1% - 2%) has seen appetite amongst Japanese listed entities, as well as high net worth private players, increase. This is likely to see a weight of Japanese money finding its way to Australian shores to purchase commercial property.

For all your Commercial Property requirements, contact the team at Ryder Commercial on 03 9600 1188.


REITS Continue to Consolidate

12 Mar 2015

According to a report in The Age, REITs will continue to acquire other entities and/or merge as cashed-up real estate investment trusts look to take advantage of the improving fundamentals and ongoing low cost of debt.

Property analysts said whilst investors are never keen on consolidation of the larger REITs, as it reduces choice in the market, they acknowledge it's the only way for the trusts to expand assets under management to increase recurring income from rents.

For all your Commercial Property requirements, contact the team at Ryder Commercial on 03 9600 1188.

Demand for Richmond and Collingwood Surges

25 Feb 2015

Demand for inner-city living and tenancy is as strong as ever with development site sales and speculative buying in Richmond and Collingwood continuing to perform.

Whilst planning strategies are on hold in Richmond, developers and owner-occupiers are continuing to speculate on potential re-zoning plays by snapping up opportunities as they come to market.

For all your Commercial Property requirements, contact the team at Ryder Commercial on 03 9600 1188.

The Future Says Much Shorter Settlement Terms!

19 Feb 2015

Property transactions could see settlement terms drop to as little as 1 week under a new online property transaction system according to a report in The Age.

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) recently rolled out its full digital property transfer system in Victoria.

This will see the time-honoured paper based lodging and transfer of titles become a relic of the past resulting in significant reduction of settlement periods.

For all your Commercial Property requirements, contact the team at Ryder Commercial on 03 9600 1188.


Retail Sector Recovers

12 Feb 2015

A recent survey conducted by NAB into the Commercial Property Sector has seen a retail and industrial-led recovery according to the AFR.

The results saw a more modest outcome in the office and CBD hotel sectors.

The benchmark survey measures sentiment and expectations for the commercial property market from owners and operators, investors, fund managers and developers.

It predicts that the strongest performing sector will be industrial with capital values and rents rising the most in Victoria.

For all your Commercial Property requirements contact the team at Ryder Commercial on 03 9600 1188.


Leasing Underpins Industrial Investment

11 Feb 2015

Sales and Leasing activity in Melbourne's industrial sector is expected to remain buoyant in 2015 according to recent research. This is despite slower economic conditions driving lower consumer sentiment.

Favourable borrowing conditions is driving investement on the sales side with higher yields in industrial investments encouraging savvy property players to diversify their portfolios.

Further underpinning the strength in this sector is the confidence in leasing with several prominent companies renewing on long-term deals after significantly pre-committing in the early 2000's.

For all your Commercial Property requirements, contact the team at Ryder Commercial on 03 9600 1188.



$100 Million Residential Project Set for Outer Geelong Region

27 Jan 2015

 A $100 million housing project with 550 residential lots averaging 400 square meters in Armstrong Creek, near Geelong, will be launched by Melbourne-based private developer ID_Land in partnership with Frank Costa's Costa Property Group. ID_Land acquired the 40 hectare site, which is located between Geelong's CBD and the Great Ocean Road, in 2010. The project will also feature a 3.5 hectare wetland precinct on the estate.

Trend Points to Retail Leasing Uplift

27 Jan 2015

Continued upswing in housing has had positive flow-on effects on retailing especially in white-goods sales.

Combined with a sharp fall in unemployment rates recently, overall sentiment is on the improve.

This slow recovery in retail conditions does not overcome the challenges for retail operators however any positive trend - no matter how small - will likely stabilise rents in the retail sector.

Sydney and Melbourne, in particular, has shown more buoyant spending trends. These markets may see some rent recoveries if these trends continue. 


Chinese Investment in Australian Property Set to Grow in 2015

21 Jan 2015

 OVERSEAS investment in Australian residential real estate is unlikely to dampen in 2015 as Chinese buyers continue to snap up property amid flagging domestic demand, a property expert says.

Simon Henry, chief executive of international property website Juwai, which focuses on Chinese buyers, expects 15 to 20 per cent growth in international purchases of Australian real estate this year compared to 2014.

“The Australian real estate market faces a number of headwinds, but luckily our analysis shows that international investment will make up for some of the loss in domestic demand,” he said.

According to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), China was the number one source of foreign investment in Australian real estate in 2013. Chinese investors contributed $5.9 billion worth of property in 2013, up 40 per cent from the previous year.

Despite widespread concern that foreign investment is causing market distortions in the housing sector, a federal parliamentary committee report into affordable housing and foreign investment released in November found that housing supply issues would worsen if foreign investment was curtailed.

Forecast Promising for Commercial Property Sector

15 Jan 2015

Property Council Chief Executive, Ken Morrison believes the Commercial Property sector is in for a good year, whilst ANZ's Chief Economist, Warren Hogan, suggests that property and construction were key planks in driving non-mining economic recovery.

Underpinning this forecast growth is a belief that National and State Governments must put in place reformist policies aiding investment and consumer sentiment in the industry.